Wisdom Circle: Summer Selling Strategies

Our May Wisdom Circle was a great success! The topic? Summer Selling Strategies.

With many parents taking time off from work to coordinate with their children’s summer break, business has a tendency to slow down which means that your selling strategy has to adapt.

Don’t Use a Slower Summer as an Excuse

Sure, there are fewer networking opportunities. There are also fewer people at each event.

This is your chance to take advantage of extra time in your schedule to raise your visibility. Use this time to connect with colleagues who are staying in town and strengthen your relationships. Slower summer days are also a great time to acquire the knowledge and skills that will propel your business’ growth come September.

4 Ideas to Take Advantage of Your Extra Time:

  • Participate more regularly in social media groups that are relevant for your industry. – Ie. LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Revisit business goals & strategize for the next year. Now might be the time to make small changes that could accelerate your business in the fall.
  • Attend workshops to gain new knowledge and meet new people. Who knows, your classmate might become a client.
  • Take a vacation yourself. Seriously – take the time for a break and come back to work reinvigorated. You never know who you’ll meet by the pool.

1 Big Question to Ask Yourself:

What are you doing this summer to remind your customers: “Hey, I’m still here!”

Our wisdom circle came up with dozens of ideas and strategies to make their businesses stand out and stay connected with clients. We’ve listed four of our favourites below…

Top 4 Tips to Stimulate Business:

  • Incentives like a gift card or some type of offer remind your customers that you’re still there and you’d be happy to reconnect when business starts up again.
  • Don’t forget your customers who are sticking around! Cater to them.
  • Send a newsletter. Let your customers in on what’s going on and what’s next for your business.
  • Lastly and most importantly, build a connection with your clients. It’s likely that you’re one of the few who are still communicating with your clients in this “downtime” – Use that to your advantage and drum up some future connections.

If you’re in the lower Mainland and would like to be a part of Adizue’s Wisdom Circle, check out our upcoming meetings here.

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